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Reusable Pursuit

Reusable Pursuit prize bundle

Win up to 22 nappies!

Like last year, there will be amazing bundles from our participating members.

Main prize: The main prize will consist of 22 nappies in total (2 of each of the manufacture members) + a cheeky wipes kit.

Second prize: 10 nappies  +1 cheeky wipes kit

Third prizes: 5 nappies and accessories

MANY MANY MANY more smaller prizes available too!

This competition has now ended and winners will be announced after 4 May.

How does it work?

You found me! - Reusable PursuitFollow our clues to find the answers to questions on our member companies’ websites and Facebook pages. You will know when you’re on the right page, because you will see our “You found me 2015!” logo.

Each participating company will provide 3 questions which relate to 3 different pages on their website and/or Facebook page. The type of clues they give vary (some may be more cryptic than others!) but the basic premise is: You read the question/clue, you scour the website for the answer and when you find it, you click on the "You found me!" logo to be taken to the Rafflecopter here on the RNA website. Once there, you will need to enter the URL (web address) of the page where you found the logo in the correct field in the Rafflecopter. (This is easiest to do by copying the URL from your browser's address bar at the top and then pasting it into the Rafflecopter field.)  Rafflecopter won't let you edit answers, unfortunately so take care to make sure your answer goes in the correct box!

Where will I find the questions and clues?

The 3 questions for each company are all in the Rafflecopter (towards the bottom, after the "easy entries", so don't forget to scroll!). 

How do I play Reusable Pursuit on my mobile?

Here is the mobile friendly URL for Reusable Pursuit  >>

I am not very good at figuring out cryptic clues!

Fear not! You know that each participating website/Facebook page will have 3 "You found me 2015!" logos, so even if you don't know the answer to the clue, you can still 'hunt' for the logos. There are also many "easy entries"; just by liking the Facebook pages of the participating companies, following them on Twitter and tweeting about the competition you can earn several entries. These easy entries are found towards the top of the Rafflecopter. 

This is going to take forever, why are there so many questions?

Because there are lots of prizes! Each company donating a prize to the pot has also posted some questions. But please don't panic, Reusable Pursuit will be running for 17 days, so you have plenty of time. Take it easy, enjoy solving some cryptic clues and keep your fingers crossed. 

Facebook has banned me from liking more pages! What can I do? 

Reusable Pursuit has been set up to be completed over a 17 day period. This allows for you to come back everyday and complete a number of entries per day. Due to Facebook restrictions on multiple "Likes" of pages, it is advised that you do not bulk complete the "Visit page" option in Rafflecopter, as this can result in you having your Facebook account restricted. Our apologies to anyone who may have already been affected and we are currently looking into this with Facebook. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Do you have to get all the answers to Reusable Pursuit to win? 

No, not at all! There are lots of 'easy entries'. In the Rafflecopter, each entry equals one chance to win. Easy entries are worth one entry (one chance to win) each. Each correctly answered question on the other hand equals three entries, that is, three chances to win. So the more work you put in, the higher your chances of winning.

I have entered the wrong answer and Rafflecopter won't let me change it!

Unfortunately Rafflecopter won't let you edit answers, so make sure you have the right answer (to the best of your knowledge), and don't accidentally enter an answer in the wrong box. This is a new feature of Rafflecopter and unfortunately not something the RNA can change  or that we were aware of when creating the competition. (Last year it was possible to edit answers.) But don't panic - every correct entry is one chance to win, and there are many 'easy entries' (visiting a page, tweeting about the competition and so on).

The Rafflecopter isn't loading! What's going on?

It is very big, so it takes a little while to load. Please be patient!

Why are there two Rafflecopters? 

Apart from Reusable Pursuit, we also have a number of mini giveaways - a new one every day. Even more chances for you to win!

I'm still confused! Is there a "Reusable Pursuit for Dummies"?

For those of you who don't get much sleep due to little ones keeping you awake, here is our step-by-step-guide to Reusable Pursuit.

  1. Go to the Rafflecopter page. (Or the mobile friendly version.)
  2. Click on an entry (row) in the Rafflecopter list - you can enter in any order; you don't have to start with the top row.
  3. This will bring up a box where you can like a Facebook page, follow a company on Twitter, tweet about the giveaway or - the tricky bit - find the answer to a question or cryptic clue.
  4. For the questions, click on the link to be taken to the company's website or Facebook page, where you will need to exercise your brain cells a bit to find the answer to the question.
  5. When you have found the right answer, you will know it - because the "You found me!" logo will be on that page.
  6. Copy the URL of the page where you found the answer/logo.
  7. Click the "You found me 2015!" logo to be taken back to the Rafflecopter, locate the question again and paste in the URL.
  8. Move on to next question!

Good luck!