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The Reusable Nappy Association is a collective non-profit organisation in which small businesses, nappy libraries & other interested parties take the lead in creating a cultural shift to increase the use of reusable cloth nappies.
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Do you remember the advert for a certain brand of cola flavoured drink? Is that really what women want? (Have we not moved on from casual sexism and gender stereotypes?) We think we might have the answer... #whatwomenreallywant #timeschange" - Watch the video shot in the style of a 1980s advert with a twist - all to bring reusable nappies into the limelight.

Beginner's guide to
reusable nappies


If you’re bamboozled by bamboo or muddled about microfibre then don’t be, have a read of this handy guide, cloth nappies really are easy peasy

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